About Us

Josephine’s creative spirit was renewed when a friend introduced beading as an avenue for relaxation.  Born in Liberia, West Africa in the coastal town of Cape Palmas, she now resides in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Her work is greatly influenced by memories from childhood. Natural landscapes, sunny blue skies, white sandy beaches, blue Atlantic Ocean, lush greenery, and colorful vegetation are evidenced in the colors she uses in her designs. Be Jeweled By Josephine includes a captivating mix of precious and semi-precious gemstones, corals, crystals, mother-of-pearl, shells, and wood components creatively woven into each piece, with profound appreciation to mother earth.

The vision behind BeJeweled designs is “talking stones“.  Quite simply, BeJeweled provides exquisite, original, quality, handcrafted designs at affordable costs and lets the design talk to each unique potential owner – Talking stones!  Colors, gemstones, and natural components have energy.  Energy vibrates, resonates, heals, and soothes.  Energy inspires and brings good fortune.  You are drawn to the colors you need; you are drawn to the stones and components that heal – Talking stones!.  Let the stones talk to you.